i play

I play 20% of my life so I can be good at being playful within the other 80%.

I play golf. It's the only game we play in 3 dimensions. All other playing fields are 2D to conform to our limited mastery. I'm really good at golf if you don't count all the people who are really good at it. My best skill on the links is that I'm a gentleman who finds solace in playing poorly, as well as well. I just start experimenting when I'm not playing great. Good methodology in all fields of endevor.

I played basketball in high-school. I played lot's of sports and games with my brothers. There are 8 of us; all boys. We played a lot. We still do.

i dart

I made this 501 dart game; wrote the code, as well. Click on this board to play on your computer with a mouse. Works best in Chrome (which is usually the case).


i hike

These are pictures of the descent down Mount Defiance (considered to be the most challenging hike in Oregon). It's a day of straight up and a day of straight down.