i create

After working and managing at some of the best design studios and ad agencies in the world I'm doing it on my own. I've had a lot of fun and learned how to do a lot of fun stuff. I've been a SVP Creative Director at some world-class ad agencies, design studios, dot coms, and software companies. I've taught interactive design at the college level. The bottom line is, I have a lot of skills and I love working with smart people on cool projects, primarily as a consultant or freelance contractor.

I'm Ward. Call me sometime at 503-224-9764 or click this link to send me an e-mail:  ward@wardmulroy.com  

I have always been on the bleeding edge of technology and design and yet, I am a lover of history and literature. I like the future I like the past.

i'm ward

I'm blessed with a high IQ and good communication skills. I can talk or write forever on many subjects. I can sit at a computer for way too long and get deeply lost in my work. I have ideas. It's my particular best trait. I can have ideas for as long as I have time to have them. It seems unusual to other creatives. I guess it's my best thing.

I also make excellent beer, bread, soup stocks and children(2). That may seem unrelated but I think it's all kinda the same thing.

I make things I love.